The Meaning of Christmas Lights

Another Tradition I have always enjoyed during the holiday season is Christmas lights!  It’s nice to own a home, so you can take pride in all the decorations you put up.  If you own your own place you can decorate as you please without worrying about the restrictions of a landlord or an apartment complex.  Fortunately, at this point in the market, everyone can become a home owner.  Call me today to see how you could get into a home for the same monthly payment as your rent.

But what is the meaning behind these twinkling bulbs that we string up along our rooftops every december?  What is the origin?  Obviously Christmas lights are a modern invention.  In the past people used to light Christmas trees with candles, but then a man named Thomas Edison changed everything.  With electricity and the lightbulb we were able to decorate the Christmas tree and outside of our homes with these decorative lights.  Something about these lights appeals to everyone when you see a marvelously decorated lawn aglow.  Yet, the beauty can only be seen when night comes, placing a blanket of darkness over the upper firmament.

But why did these traditions of lighting trees and homes begin in the first place.  The roots are found in Christianity.  People are celebrating the reason behind the Christmas season– the birth of Christ and Salvation coming to the world.  In a world of darkness, Jesus is the light of the world, and we celebrate this when we remember the Savior’s birth.  The star that we put atop the tree is symbolic of the star of David that led the wise men to the little town of Bethlehem.

So, celebrate and rejoice! As you observe all the beautifully decorated house lights, remember the light of Christ, and the darkness He came to conquer.

Best place to see lights in San Diego County: Pepper Drive

Best place to see lights in Orange County: Balboa Island

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